As most of you already know, we are going to have Boondock Bettie tank tops/t-shirts made for us to wear to SuperMegaFest that is being held November 19-20th in Framingham, Mass (Boston area).

I have created a sample of what it is going to look like and so far everyone seems on board with the design logo (courtesy of Melissa) and lettering.  I have been trying to figure out an easy way to order these for everyone and I just think if I order all of them myself, it may get a bit crazy with trying to get people to send me the money, etc.  I was going to set up a “Bettie Account” for everyone to use but then realized that would not be a good idea with everyone’s credit cards stored in the same spot.  Therefore, I came to the conclusion we can do this one of two ways:

Option 1: Create an account on and design it yourself.  Most of it is self-explanatory but you will need to have a picture of the logo and know what font/color to use for the lettering.  I will put instructions below.  The only thing I ask if you are going to wear this to MegaFest I’d like the shirt itself be black so we will all have the same color and be able to stand out as a group.

Option 2:  Create an account on and send me your login information so I can design the shirt of your choice.  Then after I am done of course, you can change your password and order it yourself.

If you aren’t going to MegaFest, you are still more than welcome to buy a shirt, and obviously those who are going are not obligated to buy one.  I just thought it would be something fun for us to do.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR OPTION 1: (all lettering is in SILVER)
1. Choose the type of shirt you would like (tee, tank, etc) then the color black
2. Front of shirt:  Line one: Boondock;  Line two: Betties;   Font=”Beyond Sky”; Font size=30
3. Click “upload image” to upload the logo from your computer to the shirt. (Logo is the Boondock Betties’ Facebook avatar)
4. Back of shirt: Line one: WE BACK UP (font size 16); Line two: OUR (font size 19); Line three: SAINTS! (font size 23);   Font style for all lettering on back= “Storybook”
If you need to, please save a copy of the sample I put up on the Betties’ Facebook page to use as a guide to make sure you get the correct spacing for the letters and where the logo will go.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me on Facebook or Twitter (Drea0208) or you can email me at

Thank you!!!!! xoxoxoxo
Love, Andrea