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Joining the Brigade

*** Note! The Boondock Bettie Brigade is NOT a fan club. Yes, the Betties enjoy the movies for what they are… movies.

We are an extremely close-knit group of talented girls. This website exists to showcase what we (including the Brigade!!) can do. We have chefs, singers, writers, photographers, artists, dancers, and so much more to offer!

The Boondock Betties original list is closed to additional members. The list created for all of the people is @cranialspasm/boondock-bettie-brigade. Why?

The original twitter list is for our pioneers (and the lucky suckers that got in BEFORE we started getting love from the Saints)

If you want to join the Boondock Bettie Brigade, here’s what you have to do.

1. You must follow @cranialspasm, @boondockbetties AND the list for Boondock Betties. It would be super if you’d follow the gals on the list as well.

**Quick Note: I will not be following you on @cranialspasm, as I will get the tweets anyway by looking at my list. If I don’t follow you in the future, don’t fret. I get your tweets anyways.

A: If any locked original Bettie denies your follow request, please do not request it again. If someone gets multiple requests from the same person, that person will be removed from the list. No one wants to wake up to 50 requests from the same person.

B: We are not going to follow everyone in the Brigade. There are a lot of us! 🙂

2. As of now, you must have a public account. I know some of you are thinking “Why can’t I have a private account when other people do?”

Here’s Why – If you want to be in the Brigade, that means you want people to see your tweets. If you have a private account, even if they subscribe to the list, they can’t read them. Those that are private and are now on the list have earned their stripes.

**If you have a private account and one of the boys vouches for you, we’ll let you in. In that case, you’d need to accept a follow request by @cranialspasm. If not, it will not let me add you. You don’t need to follow anyone else (We would appreciate you following this list http://twitter.com/cranialspasm/the-boondock-betties.)

I’ll still be looking at your tweets. Once again… We’re all about being awesome to each other. You wouldn’t want to see us angry.

If you make your account private AFTER being added to the Brigade, you will be removed. I think Twitter might even do it for me.

3. Send an email to theboondockbetties@gmail.com Subject: I Wanna Be a Brigader! In the body please include a link to your twitter account url so it’s easy to follow you. (example – www.twitter.com/boondockbetties)

4. We are an internet family, first and foremost. The Boondock Betties will be scanning the list (as I couldn’t hope to do this alone. I have a day job… Unless ya’ll want to pay me to be the Queen of the Internets…). If something raises a brow, I’ll let you know.

As I feel that these things are important to say… Uh…

1. Joining the brigade will not get you boned by the Boondock Boys. I’m just sayin’…

2. Joining the brigade will not get you followed by the Original Boondock Betties.

3. Do not ask me to have Norm or Sean follow you.

4. Be awesome.

There is every intention of the Original Boondock Betties continuing on with what we’re doing. If you want to see what’s up with us, great! If you want to contribute to the site, send it over in an email to theboondockbetties@gmail.com.

– CranialSpasm

*Please note. If you are already in the brigade list, an email is not necessary.

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