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Celebs, Charity & Cheer: October 13 Event, “Boondock Saints Bike Reveal Benefitting Los Angeles Regional Foodbank/Feeding America”,


Celebs, Charity & Cheer: October 13 Event, “Boondock Saints Bike Reveal Benefitting Los Angeles Regional Foodbank/Feeding America”,

Hosted by “The Boondock Saints” Writer/Director, Troy Duffy
— Melrose Avenue’s “Freak Chic Tattoo” and “Tuff Sissy & Co.” Welcomed Guests at Festive “Boondock Saints” Fan Meet & Greet, and LA Speed Shop

Custom-Built “Boondock Saints”-Themed Motorcycle Reveal —

October 20, 2011 – Los Angeles, CA – On Thursday, October 13, 2011, “The Boondock Saints” (www.boondocksaints.com) Writer/Director, Troy Duffy, hosted a bevy of the movies’ fans, friends, cast and crew, as he celebrated the reveal of his brand new, “LA Speed Shop” (www.laspeedshop.com) custom-built “Boondock-Saints”-themed motorcycle. The event, officially named “Boondock Saints Bike Reveal Benefitting Los Angeles Regional Foodbank/Feeding America”, was held at Mat Joseph’s Melrose Avenue art venue “Tuff Sissy & Co.” (www.tuffsissy.com) and his neighboring “Freak Chic Tattoo” (www.freakchictattoo.com), and benefited said local charity (www.lafoodbank.org).
“Boondock Saints” cast and crew in attendance – other than Mr. Duffy – included actress Julie Benz, actors Clifton Collins Jr., Daniel DeSanto, David Della Rocco, and Brian Mahoney, as well as additional celebs who came out to support both Mr. Duffy and the cause, actors Jack Rubio, Jonathan Schaech, Paul Alessi, Sam Macaroni, and actress Amie Barsky.
Fans of The Boondock Saints franchise had been following LA Speed Shop’s progress on-line, as owner Chris Richardson and his crew constructed Mr. Duffy’s bike. The event served as the official reveal of the completed machine. Event guests mixed and mingled, eagerly awaiting the actual bike reveal. At the conclusion of a brief announcement by Mr. Duffy, Chris Richardson pulled the cover off of the custom machine, spurring a flurry of flash photography.

The event also featured a Boondock Saints movie memorabilia auction and raffle, a portion of the proceeds of which benefitted Los Angeles Regional Foodbank. The auction included items such as an official “Boondock Saints II” movie prop painting, signed by Mr. Duffy and a number of attending cast members; clothing and accessories from the movies’ wardrobe department, actually worn on-set; and other signed memorabilia.

Inked Magazine (www.inkedmag.com) served as media partner of the October 13 event, where guests enjoyed a hosted bar courtesy of Sailor Jerry Rum (www.sailorjerry.com/the-rum), as well as the hospitality of Sailor Jerry’s fully-outfitted Airstream trailer, which was parked in front of the venue. DJ Ten Foot Rabbit (www.facebook.com/pages/Ten-Foot-Rabbit/129917050417665) entertained the crowd with intricate sound maneuvers like bits of the movies’ dialogue overlapping and intertwined in the evening’s playlist.

O.N.E. Coconut Water (www.onedrinks.com) was also on-site, as well as Magnolia Bakery cupcakes (www.magnoliabakery.com), and delightfully devoured hors d’oeuvres from soon-to-open Marcona (www.marconarestaurant.com), scheduled to open late-October, directly across Melrose Avenue from Tuff Sissy & Co./Freak Chic Tattoo. Marcona’s menu for the evening included sample bites of their Spiced Spanish Tuna, Gyros Espana, and Burlington Red Onion sandwiches, as well as their Ossi de Morti (almond cookies), Cowboy Oatmeal Cookies, and Spiced Marconas (signature bar nut mix).

For more information about the October 13 “Boondock Saints” charity event or to receive photos, please call Anna Ferguson at 1.877.327.2656, or email info@stilettomarketing.com.
About “The Boondock Saints” Franchise

Boondock Saints, LLC is the official marketing, promotion and communication arm for all things “Boondock.” The company creates and produces special events for the growing community of Boondock Saints fans worldwide, manages media inquiries and requests for personal appearances and operates two websites, www.boondocksaints.com and www.boondockstore.com, to provide the public with a dynamic, interactive forum for discussion and user-generated content, along with instant access to updated information about the films (“The Boondock Saints” and “The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day”), related music, merchandise and a variety of other creative developments in progress. Follow The Boondock Saints on Facebook: www.facebook.com/boondocksaintsfans.
About “Tuff Sissy & Co.”

New Melrose Avenue art venue, Tuff Sissy & Co., was created by neighboring Freak Chic Tattoo owner, Mat Joseph, and is meant to serve as a gallery and artist’s lair – a place for local tattoo artists and other artists to showcase their work, as well as mingle and share. Joseph’s motivation for the venue was to revive the Melrose art community and support both the local art movement as well as other community businesses, both old and new.
About Mat Joseph / “Freak Chic Tattoo”

Mat Joseph’s pioneering spirit has kept him on the forefront of the piercing, tattoo and art worlds. Joseph started piercing in 1987, and first entered the Melrose community in 1992, when he became the first piercer on the street. In 1994, Joseph opened his own piercing operation, “House of Freaks”, on the upper floor of the building that sits on the northwest corner of Melrose and Fuller Avenues.

House of Freaks dominated the Los Angeles piercing scene for 14 years, before shuttering in the fall of 2008 when, in pursuit of expansion, growth and reinvention, Joseph joined forces with local tattoo artist partners to open Freak Chic Tattoo, thus providing both tattoo and piercing services to his already loyal customer base.

Freak Chic Tattoo filled a void in the Melrose Avenue tattoo realm by providing a higher-end, upscale – yet comfortable – tattoo shop environment for more discerning clients. The classy space has a ‘30s deco, lounge-y vibe, featuring dark wood fixtures and Joseph’s carefully-curated decor elements, also mirrored in Tuff Sissy & Co.’s design. This year, Joseph plans to add two private VIP tattoo/piercing stations in completely separate rooms, within steps of Freak Chic’s private, back entrance.

Joseph and his award-winning tattoo artists and piercers have fan bases that run the gamut from TV soap stars (such as one of the Days of our Lives cast); to NBA players; to celebrity wives; to musicians (e.g., Phillip “Fish” Fisher, drummer for Fishbone, and singer and record producer, Arnold McCuller). Joseph’s talented staff and/or their work has been featured in numerous media outlets including Tattoo:Savage Magazine, International Tattoo Art Magazine, Skin Art Magazine, Tattoo Flash, and Inked Magazine.

About “LA Speed Shop”

LA Speed Shop specializes in vintage choppers and bobbers with a bare-bones style. Every bike that owner Chris Richardson builds, reflects his out-of-the-box thinking and amazing attention to detail. Richardson has earned the respect of his customers and peers as a “quality guy” who does quality work. Having his bikes featured on the covers of Easyriders, American Cycle, Street Chopper, Iron Works, Iron Horse, Dice, Cycle Source, Kustom and Powerglide, and after earning countless awards at motorcycle shows, Richardson is recognized as a leading innovative builder in the industry.

I Declare War! A LIMERICK WAR!

Last year this was extremely successful, so I have decided to run this for a full month! I have made the attack post into a page so you can quickly select it from the navigational bar at the top of the website.

When March comes to a crashing halt, a winner will be determined and there MIGHT be a prize. MIGHT! All in all, this is meant to be fun! Also, this year is not just reserved for the Betties! I want EVERYONE’s gloves off!

You may have done this before
it runs rampant on forums galore
As Saint Paddy’s comes near
It is perfectly clear
That I kickstart a LIMERICK WAR!

The purpose of this lovely thread
is not meant to emotionally shred
Though it does sound outrageous
This can be contagious!
So make sure you know what’s ahead

You might say “Ali, What have you done?
I don’t want to feel like I’m shunned!”
With each post you endeavor
to not be mean but clever!
This should all be taken in fun!

You may feel you’ve been given the crown
the post below will then take you to town.
I say take that licking
and just keep on kicking
Because you aren’t out, just down!

With each post you can always fight back
but keep track of your form of attack
Using actors as your defense
only makes a false pretense
Any frankly, makes me want to yak.

This contest is not about Saints
so I suggest you act with restraint.
please take that to heart
before you even start
because you will get a lot of complaints.

This isn’t meant to cause a schism
or an all out cataclysm
We are all in this boat
so let’s keep it afloat
I can’t believe I used THAT aphorism.

The troops have been called to attention
and though I shouldn’t have to mention
it gives me great glee
that the war starts with me
So begin with the mock condescension!

Click on the Navigational bar for the page!

A Year!


I’m feeling mighty sentimental right now, so I figure this is as good a time as any to reveal that today is the anniversary of The Boondock Betties.

It started off kind of like a joke. Really. Not the self deprecating humor type, just the “I can’t fucking believe that just happened” variety. The girls that were initially tossed into the group were strong and refused to submit to the lamest internet predator ever. Superlame. But, you know what? I hope that whoever she really is, she got the help that she so desperately needed… or at least some jail time.

Anyways, what followed for me was another boring Christmas. But wait! Twitter was all aflutter (and Drea’s lewd comments had me laughing so hard). I couldn’t believe it. I found these girls that, despite all of our enormous differences, worked. Soon enough, more and more girls were being added to the fray. The meshing of right and left wing politics, the vast difference in education and employment – none of it mattered.

Behind our keyboards and computers, we are allowed to connect at a much deeper level than I have ever witnessed before. Some of us have a crippling fear of meeting new people. With all of the nastiness that happens on the internet (that is reported on the news), keeping yourself protected becomes a compulsion. In March, however, I was able to make a party up in Boston. I took a friend (that subsequently joined the Betties after) because I was worried about meeting these people on my own. My fears were completely off base the moment that I met the first Bettie in real life. She opened her hotel room door. It was as if we were old friends. Nothing beat that excitement. The hug. The grinning.

The evening progressed and I met a bunch of other Betties. I regret activating my photographer-mode, but I did get some excellent shots of the event. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with everyone. Returning to the hotel resulted in a less than stellar nightcap. But you know what? My respect for the people that I was with increased ten-fold.

It is hard to believe that the Betties are just one year old today. There has been so much travel and so much of a connection… It floors me to look back at the person I was and the person I have become. I took a leap of faith, but I was not alone. You were all there holding my hand and jumping along.

Thanks for letting me be outlandish. I hope that I have made a positive difference in your life as you have mine. If I haven’t met you… It’ll happen. Most definitely.

Oh! And I have uploaded many of the pictures that I have collected throughout the year. They are all located in the new page “Gallery” in the top navigational bar (or you can just click here).

I would also be remiss if I failed to mention how thrilled I was to be able to spend some time getting to know Angela. I hope that the subsequent ass I made of myself was at least an endearing one.

Much Love,

Ali aka “Fearless Leader”

Please leave a comment about your experience this past year, or if you’re new… What you’re most looking forward to in the future.

Happy Thanksgiving! (or… Thursday, if you’re not in America)


What are you thankful for?

The Betties are Ready for The Walking Dead!


The Walking Dead Premieres tonight on AMC! Grab your kid’s candy and sit back and enjoy the awesomeness that is Robert Kirkman’s world and Frank Darabont’s vision!

For a synopsis of the comic and my general excitement of the show, visit my post from August 25th.

I could not be more excited about this. I’m glad that I waited and didn’t peep the leaked episode. It’s Tantric TV!

Hey @SeanFlanery! It’s Some Betties in 3D…


… glasses!

We’re extremely excited to see you in Saw3D! Here’s to a stellar weekend at the box office! We’re prepared for whatever comes at us.

Happy Birthday Sean Patrick Flanery!


*If you are a Bettie and feel slighted that you didn’t get an invite to contribute, it is because I don’t have an updated email address. Send an email to theboondockbetties@gmail.com with your Twitter ID and you will be added to the mass mailings for projects (and very rare updates).

SuperMegaFest Shirts


As most of you already know, we are going to have Boondock Bettie tank tops/t-shirts made for us to wear to SuperMegaFest that is being held November 19-20th in Framingham, Mass (Boston area).

I have created a sample of what it is going to look like and so far everyone seems on board with the design logo (courtesy of Melissa) and lettering.  I have been trying to figure out an easy way to order these for everyone and I just think if I order all of them myself, it may get a bit crazy with trying to get people to send me the money, etc.  I was going to set up a “Bettie Account” for everyone to use but then realized that would not be a good idea with everyone’s credit cards stored in the same spot.  Therefore, I came to the conclusion we can do this one of two ways:

Option 1: Create an account on www.customizedgirl.com and design it yourself.  Most of it is self-explanatory but you will need to have a picture of the logo and know what font/color to use for the lettering.  I will put instructions below.  The only thing I ask if you are going to wear this to MegaFest I’d like the shirt itself be black so we will all have the same color and be able to stand out as a group.

Option 2:  Create an account on www.customizedgirl.com and send me your login information so I can design the shirt of your choice.  Then after I am done of course, you can change your password and order it yourself.

If you aren’t going to MegaFest, you are still more than welcome to buy a shirt, and obviously those who are going are not obligated to buy one.  I just thought it would be something fun for us to do.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR OPTION 1: (all lettering is in SILVER)
1. Choose the type of shirt you would like (tee, tank, etc) then the color black
2. Front of shirt:  Line one: Boondock;  Line two: Betties;   Font=”Beyond Sky”; Font size=30
3. Click “upload image” to upload the logo from your computer to the shirt. (Logo is the Boondock Betties’ Facebook avatar)
4. Back of shirt: Line one: WE BACK UP (font size 16); Line two: OUR (font size 19); Line three: SAINTS! (font size 23);   Font style for all lettering on back= “Storybook”
If you need to, please save a copy of the sample I put up on the Betties’ Facebook page to use as a guide to make sure you get the correct spacing for the letters and where the logo will go.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me on Facebook or Twitter (Drea0208) or you can email me at drea0124@gmail.com

Thank you!!!!! xoxoxoxo
Love, Andrea

Limerick War 1.5: Limerick DEATHMATCH!


Okay, so the girls that attended the Florida weekend and I have had difficulty picking a winner. So here’s the deal. I propose a LIMERICK DEATHMATCH!

Our finalists from the Limerick War MUST post one last limerick (which can be a string of multiple limericks so long as they tie together in a limerick of epicness) and we will choose a winner from that one. We must, or Feanix will rummage through the box and decorate herself with whatever is left over.

You guys have until Sunday, August 8th, 2010 to complete your limerick and post it in the comments section!

Oh… and Crash demands the word “horny” be used in it at some point.

The finalists that we would like to hear from are… Casey (@CaseyCcC), Doc (@TeamD_d_d_Doc), Fun sized (@Fun_sized83), Caitlin (@CaitlinTake2), and Missy (@sister_b)

Have fun! You can attack or you can just spout how awesome you are. Your choice!



Okay Betties!

After a fantastic weekend in Jacksonville, I have found that we have a bunch of excess swag to offload. Guess who wins it? One of you!

So here it is, the first contest for the Boondock Betties.

I am throwing down the gauntlet and challenging everyone to a LIMERICK WAR!

What is a limerick war?

A limerick war is as follows. An attack is made to the person that comments above you in limerick form. Simple, easy, fun!

You post a limerick about (usually insulting) the person above you (and their limerick.) Just remember, wit is more effective (and funnier) than crude and intentionally harmful comments in this form. So don’t say anything that will get you in trouble and make someone cry. Let’s keep this light-hearted. Jabs are okay, but keep the real dirty laundry to yourself.

Remember! This is all in good fun. If you don’t want to be attacked, after your limerick you MUST type *Attack Ali or Feanix* If you have the following post and you attack the person that doesn’t want to be attacked, you are disqualified.

This contest will go from the moment this posts until August 1st. The judges are those that attended the Bettie Bash down in Jax. A winner will most likely be announced around August 8th. We’re all trying to get back into the real life groove, so that comes first.

** Bonus! I am not going to limit this to USA Betties only. If you’re from another country, remember that the limerick MUST be posted in English.

Since I am the first to post, The first comment should be attacking me. Be forewarned, I will be posting in the comments as well. This is fun! If it is successful, this will happen again.

With these words I open the LIMERICK WAR!

I’m leaving the first limerick, see?
So you can view how it should be.
Don’t take your time
With your retorting rhyme
‘Cause you may not type faster than me.
* You must be in the Boondock Bettie Brigade in order to qualify to win the swag.
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