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Getting to Know…

10 Things About @ladyjane666


1. I’m left handed, I love being left handed it makes me different (though funny enough my boyfriend is left handed as well)

2. My favorite bands are HIM, Cradle of Filth, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, CKY and The Doors.

3. Besides the Boondock Saints 1 & 2, I have to say my favorite movie is A Clockwork Orange because it’s awesomely sick and twisted. Also Pineapple Express is one of my favorite movies as well.

4. I like to say I’m exiled in WI because I grew up about 30 mins outside of Chicago and I still like to think I’ll move back to IL but it’s highly unlikely. OH WELL.

5. I’m really sarcastic, like… bad and most of the time it’s meant with humor but more often that not people take my sarcasm as me being a bitch… which really isn’t what I’m trying to be… it’s my sick sense of humor.

6. I didn’t learn how to read till I was 7 because I needed glasses and no one ever tested me… the parents took me to get glasses (also when I got my ears pierced) and with in 6 months I was reading two or three grade levels above where I was supposed to.

7. One of my earliest memories is my mom playing the original Legend of Zelda on the NES, to this day the music from the original game will put me to sleep. Thus ruining the whole series of games for me because I can only play for like 30 mins at time before wanting to go lay down and take a nap.

8. My biggest dream is to be a professional wrestler and work for TNA or Shimmer… I really want to start training by the end of the year.

9. I am a big movie buff, always have been. There is a story my mom likes to tell that I threw a fit when ever she made me watch movies like Snow White and other disney movies because I wanted to watch Amadeus or The Princess Bride. I really didn’t get into disney movies till I was 12 or 13. I still bitch about what I’m watching if I don’t like… I completely ruined Twilight: New Moon for my friend who forced me to watch it. (that’s what you get for forcing me to watch it)

10. I’m as Irish as one can be with out actually being born in Ireland. My father’s family is from Ireland and my mom’s family came over a while ago but can trace their heritage back to Ireland. Currently I have Red Hair, Green eyes and freckles… sooooo yeah. IRISHTASTIC AWSOMENESS!

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10 Things About @undead_lady


1. I’m french and I randomly speak french in conversations.

2. I get along better with americans than french, don’t ask me why, I don’t know.

3. Music is my passion, I can play 2 instruments and sing.

4. I love tattooes , I have already 2 on me.

5. I’m rather messy.

6. My boyfriend is a Canon EOS 500D, and let me tell you it’s true love!

7. I have a cat, he is a big white fluffy thing and I love him.

8. I’m tall (5’8 or 5’9…not sure) and it has proven to be both a curse and a blessing.

9. My goal is to move to the US and live there permanently.

10. I met a lot of my friends thanks to the band 30 seconds to mars.

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10 Things About @CrashDisaster


1. I have dislocated every appendage at least once. I can even list them in order if I try hard enough.

2. While we’re sharing OCD tendencies…I have to eat things in 2’s. It has to be in multiples of 2’s as well if it’s something packaged. If I
finish a package of something that I’ve been eating in 2’s and it
doesn’t come out even..I WILL open another package and continue eating
until it evens out.

3. When I was little I wanted to be a ballerina and gymnast, then when that didn’t work out I wanted to play soccer professionally.  When that dream died because of an illegal move by another player and they dislocated my knee and tore my meniscus up and the resulting surgery left me with a leg I can’t feel from the knee down..I’m currently in search of another thing to be when I grow up.

4. I’ve had far too many head injuries due to sports and/or clumsiness. I stopped counting at 9 and that was 10 years ago. Worst one I got, a girl punched me in the temple, I lost sight in one eye for 48 hours and lost the prior 18 hours of my life. I only know what happened that day from stories others have told me.

5. Death has followed me my entire life; technically I’ve died twice. My first memory is of being at a funeral.  Another thing I stopped counting was loved ones who have passed. Stopped counting in high school (graduated 15 years ago) and the count was 13. Thought that was a good number to stop at.

6. I’m a fairly laid back person in general, but if ya piss me off, god help ya. I can’t control myself all that well once I’m spun into pissed off mode, and to be honest it doesn’t always take a lot.

7. I mishear and misread things all the time because I drift off in my own head with my ADD and make shit up. So when I do that to ya’ll..don’t be surprised and don’t be offended as it’s nothing personal.

8. I live for music and I will drive 6+ hours to hear an hour of music from someone I like, turn back around drive 6+ hours back and go straight to work. Did so on a fairly regular basis for a while.

9. My brain is a treasure trove of random trivia, song lyrics, movie dialogue..etc. I blurt stuff out that I’m not even aware of knowing.

10. I adore black and white movies. My favorite all time actor is Danny Kaye. I also love Bing Crosby and Bob Hope. I have many Bing CD’s in my collection. His voice can chill me out like no other.

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10 Things About @WhoaImBrutal


1) My book collection is bigger than my DVD collection. I love to read.

2) I’m obsessed with makeup and purses.

3) I can’t step out the door without my sunglasses and my iTouch.

4) I was intimidated by the Betties at first, but when I was accepted into the Brigade I soon realized that they are very warm and welcoming people.

5) My dad was the one who got me into Classic Rock and Classical music. I loves me some CCR and Mozart.

6) Death metal is my first love. Horns to the Black Dahlia Murder.

7) I have a weird belief that if I wear something that I wore during a bad time and didn’t wash it the bad vibes from that event will come back and ruin my day again.

8) My favorite authoress Is Ayn Rand.

9) Cults and the paranormal fasinate me.

10) I fear that one night I will see the pantry ghost in my pantry.

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10 Things About @SpyVsSpyChic


1. I have played some sort of instrument since i was about 4 or 5. Started on piano, then flute, then drums…when i asked my high school music teacher (Mr. Whitman) if i could switch to drums he told me “no, flute players don’t play drums” so i told him i quit. and guess what…apparently they do because now im a prof. musician…and it’s playing the drums… :O)

2. I was deathly afraid of the moon when i was little.

3. I grew up greek orthodox…yes…it is just like the movie…except for the windex ::giggles::

4. My favorite vacation ever was to London in 2004 with my best friend Michelle. my 2nd fav. is Boston.

5. I have wanted to become a nurse since about the 1st grade. We had to do a report on what we wanted to be when we grew up and I said “i want to be a nurse just like my mommy so i can go to the matinee movies because they are only 3.50 before 5pm” I still want to be a (pediatric) nurse… :o)

6. My next trip will either be to Greece (i should visit my country in some point in life to see where my family came from) or to Brazil (because thats the type of music i play).

7. I love watching independent and foreign films, and listening to music from all over the world, from India, to africa, to greece and then some.

8. I have had an animal at all times since the day i was born and i think i have had almost every kind of animal that you are allowed to keep in a residential home. snakes, chinchilla, rabbits, cats, dogs, mice, rats, ferrets, turtles, fish, birds, lizards, hmmmm….i have a feeling that i am missing some.

9. Im into fashion but i do my own thing…if that makes any sense…in other words…if i like it i like it…if i dont, im not going to dress the part just because everyone else is.

10. I love being outdoors. If you take me to the park or hiking, i become a homewrecker (as kristin would say, because im the girl who’s digging under logs and rocks playing with critters and playing in the creek).

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10 Things About @Kimberline1


1. I hate to admit this but I had not seen Boondock Saints before I saw Boondock Saints 2(don’t shot me)

2. I am trying to get my degree in Real Estate Appraisal

3 I have 3 tattoos a unicorn on left ankle my son’s name (Joey) on my right ankle and a yin yang on breast

4 I am diabetic and have had terrible complications with it and surgery(kidney transplant)

5 I love digital photography

6 I make scrapbook pages

7 I went to a private school from pre k to 1st grade

8 I go to screenings in Dallas just about every week

9 I have 7 nieces and 1 step nephew( my sister and sister in law were trying to see who could have the most kids LOL) and 2 godsons

10 At 1 time I weighed over 400 lbs now I weigh 220lbs

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10 Things About @BreedleMcDonald


1)I am a mom,Killian,lennon,Nick…had to be #1 Im also married to Norman Reedus (He just isnt aware of this yet)

2)I have more tattoos than i can count,my most special being a chest piece for my grammy who died of breast cancer.

3)I am a hair stylist,and most recently trained by the executive producer of the Maury Povich show to certify me in hair extensions,hahahahaha!

4)My mom grew up homeless so it is importnant for me to give back,wherein my hair services come in handy.

5)When im bored i secretly dance in the kitchen with my broom,But hes too stiff and its not very exciting.

6)I smell cups plates and silverware before i use them, even mine,i tend to offend ppl until they get to know me.

7)The only family i have in the country are my mom and dad,the rest are still in Ireland:(

8)I used to work for 411 (information) and when a caller would be rude to me i would connect them to either a funeral home or a sex toy shop.

9)I am very into roller derby and i really like tossing ppl around,i take my skates with me everywhere!

10)I used to be addicted to wint-o-green lifesavers,i would eat an entire party size bag a day.for 4 yrs.

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10 Things About @_AlyssaRyan_


I like this getting to know each other thing. At any rate, I’m bored, so here I go…

1. I am an English teacher. I teach Freshman Comp and I am working on my Masters. It’s kinda fun, actually. I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that I’ll get into a PhD program and have something to do in the fall.

2. Every six months or so, I do a movie quote challenge on my Facebook. Unanswered quotes include:

– “Never forget the people who got you there. Charity and generosity don’t just make sense, they make dollars. Do right by your community and your community will do right by you.”

– “I guess sometimes the past just catches up with you, whether you want it to or not.”

– “We knew the girls were really women in disguise, that they understood love, and even death, and that our job was merely to create the noise that seemed to fascinate them.”

– “I’m so smart I make smart people look like they are fucking retarded.”

– “We lived on sunlight and chocolate bars. It was the afternoon of extravagant delight.”

– “You think you deserve pain but you don’t.”

3. My biggest pet peeve (outside of when people lie to me) is when someone approaches you to apologize for something, and then repeats the same offense moments later. Just go away.

4. My grandfather has tattoos. My dad has tattoos. I have tattoos. I love that at least three generations of my family have tattoos. My dad and my grandfather got tattoos together, so I am trying to persuade my dad to get a tattoo with me. Maybe start a fun family tradition?

5. I have an unhealthy addiction to Radiohead. And glowsticks. Especially when the two are paired together.

6. 90-95% of my clothes come from thrift stores. This excludes undergarments, but includes nearly everything else. I even bought a prom dress from the thrift store. Hunting for cheap clothes is somehow more fun than just buying clothes at a regular store.

7. My wardrobe also consists of hand-me-ups from my 16 year old sister. I’m 22. She’s 6’0”; I’m 5’8”. It’s awesome. Except her feet are huge, so I don’t get her shoes. And oddly enough, we can share pants.

8. House of Leaves is one of my favorite books. Of all time. Ever. I have read it about three times, I think. Almost four. This is significant if you’ve ever tried to read this book.

9. I love art, but especially art made by friends. Most of the things decorating the walls of my apartment were made by people that I know or have met.

10. Uhm. If I could exist entirely on Starburst and Skittles, I would. This is a bad idea, though. Pretty sure it would just make me sick.

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10 Things About @Yoosekustu


—-10 things about me—-

1)Favorite movies: Boondock saints/Till Human Voices Wake Us /A Slipping-Down Life/The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert *watched BDS and “Priscilla” at least 5-7 times or more. * got shocked to know Murphy like,”WOW!! he’s the most beautiful and adorable creature in the world! “ * when watched “Till Human Voices Wake Us” in a theater, could not move or leave for a while. It’s like floating in a dream for a few days. Love the movie. * What’s good about “A Slipping-Down Life” is GP sings all the songs. It’s cool.

2)Favorite actor:Norman Reedus Used to be a huge fan of Guy Pearce, yet since seeing BDS, it all changed. Used to collect GP’s DVDs, book & magazines, yet now collecting NR DVDs.

3)What I’ve got is(NR DVDs):  Already got:BDS, Floating, Moscow Chill, Tough Luck, and “3-films”! Ordered and wait to arrive: Dark Harbor, A Crime, Until the Night, Beat

4)Favorite singer: Kate Bush:albums”Aerial” and “The Red Shoes”. Love the song “Moments of Pleasure”in “The Red Shoes” especially. it’s just beautiful.

5)One of My Dreams: * To see NR’s photographic show. * To watch BDS-ASD in a theater. * Visit Europe. * To publish my original story (fiction in Japanese)!

6)What I love to do Drawing: Haven’t drawn for a while and forgotten the pleasure, yet NR and BDS reminded me of it.  Lucky me!  Around a week ago, finally opned my toolbox where i used to keep my colors and brushes.  Many of them got rotten and covered with dust, yet some of them were ok. Bought 2 felt-tipped pens two days ago.

7)Favorite Books and authors: * “thirteen reasons”by J.Asher (「13の理由」in Japanese) * Kaoru Takamura (Japanese author)

8)My hair style: Used to be a long hair, yet cut a few years ago. So I look like a boy now.^-^;

9)Losing weight: Since knowing NR, I’ve lost weight. whenever seeing his beautiful jaw line, i become full and lose my appitite.

10)My stuffed animal “Stu”: His name is Stewart, and he’s from Canada (made in China, though). We met around 15 years ago in Vancouver, and since then we became friends and family.  He’s a mouse (he insists he’s not a rat), and loves walking around the street at night when every human being is asleep. He has a friend called “Sean Ben” who’s a white Manikin Piss near my place.According to Stu, at snowing nights, “Sean Ben” can fly, and they fly together in the sky.

10 Things About @Sister_B


1. I was home schooled from 1st grade through 12th.

2. I married my first boyfriend, who was also my first date, first kiss, etc.

3. I’ve only lived in two “locations” in my life: Oregon and Germany.

4. I’m allergic to nearly every kind of fresh fruit available to one degree or another.  However, I can eat these fruits without a problem if frozen or cooked.

5. My favorite food is rice. (Yeah, that tells you how exciting of a person I am. 😛 )

6. I’ve never been stung by a bee.  As a result, I’m scared to death of them.

7. I have no desire to be a rock star.  I’d rather be the radio DJ.  It’s been a dream of mine since I was 12.

8. The more violent, twisted, and/or disturbing the movie or song, the higher my chances of loving it. (I’m not just saying that to be edgy; it’s true. There are lots of times when I say, “There’s got to be something wrong with me, but I LOVE this.”)

9. I have a World of Warcraft hunter named Merphi, and any pet he is able to tame to help him fight will be named after a character that Norman Reedus has played in a film.  So far, I have Mac the boar and Lucien the white lion.

10. I share the same birthday as Elizabeth Bathory.

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