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15 Minutes of Fame Interviews


This week, I decided to interview a couple Betties that entertain the hell out of me.  Both are funny girls who tweet the most random things at times!  They are wonderful friends, and I have had some great discussions with both.  So let me introduce Crash and Foxy.

First up is Crash (@CrashDisaster) her name explains a lot about her right away!  I don’t think more than a week has gone by since I’ve known her that the poor girl has not had an injury of some sort.  She is an event coordinator/planner who is squared away when it comes to large parties!  She is a HUGE music fan, and wants you all to check out some friends of hers.  She says Ceesau (@cessauband on Twitter) feel like Nirvana and rock a CSI:NY singer Carmine Giovinazzo.  Working on their second EP.  Crash says check them out at www.ceesau.com or their www.myspace.com/ceesau .  She also enjoys The Main Four www.myspace.com/themainfour and The Spyderz www.myspace.com/thespyderz .  She says they’re great and working on some new stuff.  So lets check out what Crash had to say to my interview questions!

ME: Tell us a little know fact about yourself (I know you already did “10 things about” but is there something else??)

Crash: Hmmm a little known fact. Well some of you guys know this…I’ve always been into the paranormal stuff. Everything about it. I’ve got a large library of books on haunted sites, and I have bunches of friends that are in the field and are always going out to investigate places. So if anyone has had ghosty experiences and has been afraid to tell anyone cause you think people are gonna think you’re weird…TELL ME!! I love hearing about other people’s experiences and I can add it to my mental library. I’ve seen ghosts or spirits (however you’d like to refer to them) all my life, and have never shied away from any aspect of the paranormal.

Me: I know you are currently planning an event for like some outrageous number of guests, somewhere around like 9 billion lol…How much work goes into something like that? How do you keep yourself sane while handling all that organizing?       

Crash: Ok…just WHO accused me of being sane? *looks around* come on..fess up!   A ton of work goes into planning stuff like this. I have a small portion which is to collect all the fees for people, answer email, and reconcile all the money coming in and going out.  We have multiple departments which work on different aspects. I’m still waiting on the company to ask me re: entertainment ideas since I have so many friends that are uber talented and don’t keep it a secret.  oh but I digress…in my aspect of the job I get to tell people “NO!” which I do really enjoy, so that’s fun. 🙂

Me: What is one of the wildest things you have ever done in your life that made you say to yourself when it was all over “Oh man that could have went sooooo wrong …what if..?”      

Crash: Most things that I do and end up hurting myself..I don’t think twice about..cause it’s like suddenly shit was happening to me..I just kinda roll with it. Ummm I’ve consciously chosen to do some things that coulda gone horribly wrong, but my guardian angels were lookin out for me. I say that in plural cause I must have a team of ’em since I’m still alive.  I think the one thing that coulda gone horribly horribly wrong but just ended up being annoying was me deciding to make a 3 mile walk down Hollywood Blvd at 2am from a club back to my hotel….alone.  Along the way I met a twitchy druggie who kept me company for a bit along the way…a huge 6′ 6″ man screaming obscenities and punching things such as walls, light poles, benches; all while threatening a lady walkin towards me..a bum carving into the concrete with a huge butcher knife, and a guy who thought I was the most conservative hooker ever and tried to pick me up on the road. 

Me: Who has been the most influential person in your life? (someone you know or someone famous)   

Crash: I know this is cheesy..but there’s 2 people. First is my Mom.  She’s the most just purely good person I know. She doesn’t have an evil bone in her body and will do anything to help anyone who needs it, whether she knows them or not. This fact makes me super protective of her because she just can’t comprehend someone would do something bad since she can’t even fathom the thought.   

The second…is my best friend from 4th grade-Seniors in high school, Erika.  She passed away from Cancer about 5 months after we graduated high school. She managed to graduate school while going through chemo and surgeries, and even managed to play a couple basketball games while she was sick. She was an amazing person all around.

Me: What do you love about the Betties?   

Crash: Where to even start on that? Everyone is just so cool in their own right. The fact that we’re all so different, but so similar is way awesome. Kick ass group of women that will help each other out and we’re always there for each other. 🙂   

Me: Since you mishear things all the time, Favorite misheard song lyrics?   

Crash: Actually..I don’t flat out mishear song lyrics a lot. The problems come when I sing them and am not paying much attention. There’s some Bon Jovi song where I consistently start singing about cheese and I have to stop myself. My favorite misheard lyrics….hmm One would actually come from a book that I have of misheard song lyrics it’s for Def Leppard, “Love Bites”  It’s got a great cartoon drawing and the lyric is “The price, of beans. Is bringing me to my knees/ the beans, the price”   if you see the cartoon it’s hilarious.   

My other favorite that’s by someone else actually comes from my Mom from when she was little..from the song Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. When she was little she used to sing “Itsy bitsy teeny weenie yeller poker dot a-seenie”  we’ve had many conversations as to what an ‘a-seenie’ is and we haven’t been able to come up with it.   

Some of my classic general mishearings is on UFC: I thought an announcer said, “Both men are aged sausage.”   

Thought someone on the news said that someone was “Undulating live out of England”   

An assistant manager at one of my last jobs, I always heard her wrong cause I was rarely actually listening to her; so I thought she said things like “alien fabric glugin” instead of “Aileen’s fabric glue gun” or “I’m tired, I’m gonna go drink some cat pee” instead of “I’m tired, I’m gonna go drink some caffeine” 

Another is from No Doubt. I can’t remember the song name. Casey would know. The real line is “alter nature for pleasure /orthocycline” or something..and I heard “alternate you for the pleasure of tricycling”. Or “alternate you for the pleasure or try cycling” 

Me: Finish this statement: You know you’re from California if/when__________

Crash: OH OH OH..I know this…lol

You know you’re from California when you answer the question of “How far is it from “here” to “there” in time frames instead of miles and if it’s off commute or on commute times.   

You know you’re from California if you know where the medical marijuana shops are in each town.   

You know you’re from California if rent for a studio apartment is more than you make on your paycheck. 

Me: First celebrity crush?   

Crash: Hmmm celebrity crush…I’m not sure which came first, Ken Marshall from Krull or Sam Jones from Flash Gordon. haha I was probably about 5 when I saw those, so do I get extra points for finding guys hot at that age?

 Me: Is it possible to blow a balloon up under water? (try it for us) *waits patiently*   

Crash: Oh…damn you for giving me ideas.. *goes off to try* ok..report: *wipes water from face* tryin to be clever and filling a sink with water and blowin up a balloon in it..then getting distracted causes you to hear a loud PBBBBTTTT noise and makes the balloon fly out of your hands and spray water around.
    I’m pretty sure I could be super clever and submerge myself in a bathtub and put the balloon above the water and take a deep breath and blow it up that way, but I don’t have time for a bath right now.  You didn’t say the balloon had to be under water.

 Me: Standard Boondock Saints Question: If you got to send Conn and Murph a letter in prison, what would it say?


Dear Connor and Murphy,

Why oh why did you let yourselves get caught? You shoulda had a lookout.
Keep yourselves in the med ward and I’ll be there soon to get you out.

Then we’ll have shots..and Feanix will chase you with lobster tits.



I knew Crash would do the balloon trick for us!  And hey, it looks like we found a way to break the boys out of the Hoag!!  Pssst, we’ll send a first aid kit with her for the break out mission.  I’m sure one of them will need it!  Head on over to Twitter and say hi to Crash.  I was reading her Tweets long before I joined the Bettie Brigade,  (Stalker me)  and I know she really helped to bring my attention to you girls!

Next, I interviewed my good friend Jen (@FoxyViscous) . What to say about this girl, I don’t know where to begin…She’s awesome!  Even before I joined the Brigade, we were friends.  In fact, we were discussing the coolness of the Betties before we joined.  We decided one night that we just had to check you girls out and came to the conclusion that we were going to send an email and ask to join.  Its safe to say, we are both very happy we did!  She is living her dream of being a stay at home mom after years of hard work, and I can say I am jealous of that!! So let’s see what Foxy had to say to my questions…

Me: Tell me a little known fact about you…c’mon, dig down deep in there and give us the goods.

Foxy:  Back in the day I was an exotic dancer (ok, stripper), then a Tropicana Wrestler, Bud Girl and Coors Extra Gold Girl.  I weighed about 110, I started at age 19 and quit when I was 25.  I don’t regret it, there where times it wasn’t the healthiest thing for me, but I made a lot of money, set a goal to quit by 25 and I did, and it made me more aware of what kind of people are in this world, and because of that I think I’m a better wife, mother and friend. I used all the money to buy a 5 star restaurant in Southern Arizona. I was published in cookbooks, Wine Spectator magazine, and was chosen for Taste of the Nation.  Kind of a lifestyle change, I would say.

Me: I have watched you do Roller Derby online, and have seen all the amazing pictures from your bouts.  I have also seen the results (as in the way of bruising on your body) of said bouts!  It looks like a whole lot of fun, and I know of at least one other Bettie that is interested in trying out the sport.  What drew you into the sport of Roller Derby? And how long have you been doing it? And what movie do you watch to get all fired up before game day???

Foxy: I’ve been playing Rollerderby for 3 years.  2007 was the worst year of my life, for various reasons, and my husband had come across a derby video on Youtube and suggested I check it out.  I was sitting on a beach in Maui one day, reflecting on my life, and said to myself “When I get back from this trip, I’m going to play rollerderby” And so I did.  I always say that Rollerderby saved my soul.  It has been so good for me, bad for my body but good for my mind. I am surrounded by very strong, athletic women who are like sisters and fight for each other.  It’s amazing.  Pre bout tradition? I always watch Boondock Saints the night before a bout.  It is a distracter, I get so into the movie that I forget about what’s going to happen the next day.  It totally takes my mind to a different place, so I don’t stay up all night with my brain spinning. It takes me to a happy place 🙂

Me: I know we share a love of MMA, as I am a UFC fanatic (check this stuff out people!) And you have awesome pictures hanging out with fighters I adore! Who is your favorite fighter?  Have you ever thought of training for MMA?

Foxy: My favorite fighter is definitely Nick Diaz, hands down.  Always has been my favorite.  Win or lose, he’s still my favorite.  Love his attitude, love the way he fights, he reminds me a lot of myself.  I did train MMA, for a long time.  I started when I was 18, took a break when I had my kids, then picked up again in my 30’s.  I have had the opportunity to train with some great fighters in great schools.  And I worked for a pro fighter for many years, as her personal assistant so I did have great opportunities.

Me: Foxy is pretty schooled on serial killers, and probably would do a great job profiling them for the FBI.  I am not trying to make light of serial killers or idolize them, I actually find them fascinating and not in a good way.  Foxy, which serial killer do you find the most interesting (and I hate to use that term, but..) and why?

Foxy: Serial killers…wow.  Don’t ask me how I got started with this obsession, it goes back about 20 years.  I would have to say Richard Chase…what a weirdo.  He believed that the only way to stay alive was to drink the blood of his victims. Sometimes he would even put their organs in a blender with soda and make a shake.  Really

Me: What is the one thing that has happened to you that has made a major impact on your life? (good or bad)

Foxy: What event had a significant impact on my life?  A friend of mine who was also my Jiu Jitsu coach, committed suicide in 2007.  It was never understood and impacted my entire circle of friends and the life that I knew at the time.  He was the person that I wanted everyone in my life to meet, because he was just that awesome.  My life took a drastic turn after that happened.  A good turn actually.

Me: Finish this statement: You know you’re from California if/when________

Foxy: You know you’re from SOUTHERN California when: you wear flip-flops to a night club, and no one cares.  You know you’re from CENTRAL California when you’ve gone cow-tipping at least once in your life, even if it was non-consensual, and you’re from NORTHERN California if 1. You wouldn’t be caught dead at a bar in Central California or 2. You have been high since 1974.

Me: Which Lost character would you like to be stuck on “the island” with forever and why?

Foxy: I’d like to be stuck on the Island with Desmond….that accent gets me every time!

Me: Whats the first word that comes to your mind when I say Las Vegas?

Foxy: Las Vegas=New Shoes (may or may not have been borrowed from someone passed out in the bathroom, maybe someone gave them to me? Don’t judge. 🙁 )

Me: Give a “shoutout” to someone (c’mon this is your 15 mins of fame!)..

Foxy: I would like to give a shout out to the TWITTER BOONDOCK TEAMS! Whoever you really are…I have SO much fun on there with all of you.  Sometimes that is a great way for me to end the day.  I’m TeamGreenly and TeamIlDuce btw. 🙂

Me: Standard Boondock Saints Question: You get an entire day to spend in South Boston with Connor and Murphy, so what are you going to do?

Foxy: A day with Connor and Murphy?  Ha…make them put on rollerskates and skate the town with me, of course!!!  And in that case, drinking beer on skates is definitely allowed!  I would definitely hit up the Museum Of Bad Art, as many Irish pubs as possible, the whole time with a video camera interviewing whoever is willing to talk to us about stupid trivia. THAT would be a really, really fun day.

We shared a super love of Lost, so that question had to be included!  And hey, I can’t wait to see Conn and Murph on roller skates with a video camera!! Your answers we’re awesome Foxy and I appreciate you even more now, even if you may or may not have borrowed someone’s shoes while she was passed out in Vegas!!  TeamD_d_d_Doc and I love ya too, babe xo!  P.S. I won’t hold that whole Diaz being your favorite fighter thing against you…Get your ass over to Twitter and say hi to Foxy!  She likes to stay up late, for all you night owls.

So there you have it!  I hope you enjoyed the interviews.  Seriously, if you haven’t taken the time to get to know these two, please do so!  With that…I’m on the prowl again…Mandy and Casey, I’m coming for you!

15 Minutes of Fame Interviews: Feanix and Rina


I took the time to interview two fabulous Betties I admire.  I thought this would be easy, but I can honestly say it’s hard to put down words about these two girls.  When I joined the Bettie Brigade, they were two of the first girls to talk to me, and I find them very interesting!  I can say the same about most of the Betties I chat with, as you will see in the coming weeks when I continue my interviews.  It was fun to come up with questions they would enjoy answering as much I was going to enjoy reading the answers to.  I think we did a pretty good job! So instead reading what I have to say, lets talk about Feanix and Rina!!

First up is @feanix !  I remember reading her bio on Twitter and thinking “the Bettie your mom warned you about” OH I have to get to know her!  And I did!  She’s a belly dancer, a model, a zombie, a daredevil…name it, she probably fits in the category.  If you haven’t gotten your fill by the time you read my interview, then follow her on Twitter, check out her website www.feanixfire.com AND guess what??? —–>She’s Officially Plugged In ( www.officiallypluggedin.com )

Me: Tell me something about yourself that you would want everyone to know that we may not already know about you. (A little known fact)

Feanix: Hmm, I get asked this a lot but I am not sure, I am pretty open haha. I guess a little known fact would be that I am afraid of being alone, not like relationship wise but in general. I like company, be it via the phone or a face to face convo. I think too much and over analyze things too much when I am left alone. Its dangerous! XD

Me: I saw a picture of you skydiving on your website www.feanixfire.com .  I am a complete chicken when it comes to extreme sporting activities, but I always want to know what did it feel like when you were falling through the sky? And is there any other extreme sports you would like to try?

Feanix: The feeling is very different. You get the “is it like a roller coaster?” a lot but no, its nothing like that. Free falling at those speeds does not give the stomach drop. Its windy and loud and you just feel free. The most amazing part was when the chute opened, the whole world went quiet it was like someone hit pause. It was very moving to me in full motion and the world looking so still and then a bird flew next to me and was flying right with me. I never felt so alive. I would gladly go again at any moment.

As for another “extreme sport” I would love to try it all. The only thing I won’t try is bungee, I don’t want to be snapped around lol. I really want to walk on coals and do a suspension.

Me: For any of you who don’t already know about Feanix’s tribal fusion belly dancing and modeling, you are missing out!  Feanix, where do you see yourself in 10 years with your career?

Feanix: I don’t really think about that too much really, I think as long as I am breathing and still able to stay true to myself then that will be swell. I hope I am traveling because I love to explore and go to new places. So maybe I will be able to do so. That would be wicked awesome.

Me: If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you ask them?

Feanix: I would LOVE to have dinner with Edgar Allan Poe, he is my favorite writer and I would love to sit with him and pick his brain or have a food fight 🙂

If he was unavailable then I would like to dine with Salvador Dali, for the same reasons.

Me: Who has made the biggest impact on your life, and why? (good or bad)

Feanix: My grandparents. They showed me a lot in life. The simple things they did taught me that you don’t need to be rich and famous to be happy. They taught me so much and though they are gone from this earth, they still teach me daily from memories.

Me: Favorite fast food?

Feanix: I am so typical…I love potatoes! Anyway you can make em. I loooove them sooo much hahaha

Me: Favorite drink?

Feanix: Non alchy I would say Orange Soda.  Alchy I have become addicted to the Bettie (created for us!) It is basically Sex on the Beach and add Blue Curacao. Man they are tasty!

Me: Favorite superhero?

Feanix: I was a huge fan of the X Men, Phoenix was my favorite growing up lol… go figure right?

Me: Most played song on your iPod/MP3 player?

Feanix: Hahaha I would say currently it is William Control’s I’m Only Human Sometimes.

Me: Standard Boondock Saints Question: If you had 30 mins to spend with Connor and Murphy, what would you tell them?

Feanix: I would thank them. They brought together a group of people that would have never known each other had they not stepped on the screen.  Thank them for being the catalyst for such an amazing bond between all these women and men. It is amazing. Then I would have a shot and chase them with Lobster Tits 🙂

There you go…Lobster Tits says it all!!!  This is only a tiny glimpse of Feanix, if you haven’t already, say hi to her, you won’t regret it!  Thank you, doll, for taking the time to answer my questions!

I also interviewed Rina, who has had a few Twitter name changes since I met her (@RinaDonRocco @BlackIrishFae and currently @GoodGrrlGoneBad ) There are many things I could say about Rina, as she has quickly become one of my best friends on this planet!  But I won’t tell you everything; I will let you find out for yourself.  I can tell you she is many things like mother, writer, independent movie guru, artist, tattoo artist, strong willed, natural leader, and brave!  She digs Dexter and True Blood and space shows on the History Channel.  Someday, we are going to see her name at the top of the New York Times Bestseller list.  Or you might just see her as the leader of a rock band…time will tell! She heads up @TeamBeatNicks and does some other great work behind the scenes for our friends!

Me: Tell us something about yourself that everyone may not know (A little known fact)

Rina: My ancestors are from Ireland and Spain

Me: I already know what a talented artist, tattoo artist and writer you are, so tell me where do you find your inspiration?

Rina: Mostly in my emotions. Situations arise that cause emotions like happiness, anger, sadness. The way I vent is to pour all of that into my art.

Me: Rina, you have done hard work helping to promote what and who you are passionate about including being the coach of @TeamBeatNicks .  If I was your Public Relations manager for the day, what would you hope I showcased about you (don’t be shy either)?

Rina: Um, well first off I’d be flattered at the idea of someone showcasing me. [haha] I’d have to say my art (in its many forms) of course and passion for music. My passion for equal rights for everyone. I would hope in conclusion that if someone took time to showcase me that I had truly made a difference in this life worth noting =)

Me: If you could go back ten years and tell yourself something, knowing everything you know now, what would you say to Rina?

Rina: I’d tell her to start saving money. haha. Naw but seriously it would probably be something along the lines of comfort. Just telling myself that life will be hard. I will have hurdles but that I am strong and I will make it through.

Me: Who is your hero? Why?

Rina: My daughter Madyson. She came into my life when I was headed down a dark path. She  saved my life in more ways than one. She has shown me a side of myself that’s not so dark. She taught me to be patient. She taught me to smile and laugh more. To be stronger in every way. Its such a wonderful feeling to care for someone so deeply who loves you unconditionally. She’s my savior.

Me: Pizza or Tacos?

Rina: ooh tough choice! I like both but I’ll be fair and pick one. I think I’d go with pizza. I’m a sucker for Italian style food.

Me: Favorite sleeping position?

Rina: Either on my side or on my stomach

Me: Who is your favorite Smurf?

Rina: Smurfette. Even though she started out as a spy for Gargamel she stuck around and turned good because of the goodness of the smurf ways. I think in a corny way, it symbolizes that change is possible. Even in the worst situations.

Me: Current wallpaper on your cellphone?

Rina: haha well it’s weird. It’s a picture of an old fashioned lamp post with crows flying about. It’s in black and white. It’s nothing special but I think its poetic in a way.

Me: Standard Boondock Saints Question: If Troy Duffy called you and said, “Rina, tell me one thing you would like to see happen in Boondock Saints III..” what would you tell him?

Rina: Well first off I’d have to scream and jump around like a giddy school girl because Troy was calling Moi to ask MY opinion. haha.

I’d like to see some fighting scenes. We all know that the boys use guns. But what if one jammed? Something went wrong and they ran out of ammo? Or they were put in a situation that they weren’t prepared for? Put those spiffy Flanery martial arts skills to the test. Maybe bring down a guy or 3 with just his mad ninja skills ya know? Then Murph can be there to tie ’em up and Connor can say “now ar’nt ye glad I always bring the fecking rope?”

Smurfette you say, huh Rina?  I totally agree with you!  Besides turning into good from evil, she is the ONLY chick with all those guys!!! Woot!  Sounds fun to me!  Head over to Twitter and say hi to Rina!  I’m glad I did.  Thank you for your time, Rina.

And with that, be on the look out!  I’m on the prowl for my next victims, and I already have you picked out….*smirk*

Your 15 Minutes of Fame, Betties!


Stay tuned for more. I plan to hunt the Betties down, one by one, for a quick interview for your very own 15 minutes of fame. Hopefully, we can all get to know each other a little better by answering a few fun questions. I plan to choose you at random, so look forward to hearing from me on Twitter. I mean no harm or embarassment to anyone and if you do not want to participate, that’s ok. Just try to look at it as a sort of “Hey, here I am” opportunity!

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