Okay, as most of you know… way before The Walking Dead was going to come out on AMC as a series, I was a HUGE zombie fan. I have been reading the comics since 2003 if that give you any idea. Well, every year in Fort Myers, FL we have a wonderful evening called Zombicon the weekend before Halloween. It has been held for 4 years now and I haven’t missed an event. This year’s theme was “The Severed Seas” so a lot of people were dressed as zombie pirates and stuff. It was a lot of fun. So here is my review of the evening….

Personally let me start off by saying that I think that the event should last longer then just one evening. I think it should be the whole weekend. I understand why they don;t do that though, the funds to do it downtown Fort Myers for 3 days would be outrageous. Never the less the atmosphere is bloody and fun. They block off about 4-5 square blocks of downtown and there is no charge to participate, it is completely free. There is no requirement to dress up either (but it is a lot more fun if you get into it). They have local bands and DJ’s come and preform for everyone on the main stage in the epicenter of it all. There is live entertainment everywhere you look though… or should I say walking dead entertainment. They have fire dancers, to street performers, to people doing zombie makeup for a small fee. It is a wonderful place to see friends and meet new ones. One of the great things too is it is kid friendly. They have games and free stuff for children. The evening starts at 6:00pm with a walking of the zombies. For people that don’t dress up it is a wonderful opportunity to see all the creative costumes people come up with. Then after that everyone mingles for the rest of the evening. The bars are all open and so are all the restaurants so you also have the choice to go grab some brains… oh I mean a bite to eat. There is a designated aria where you can have your alcoholic drinks outside (mixed drinks or beer) and that is the square block around the main stage, but you can’t just meander the town with your drinks. The evening starts to closed down around midnight, but that doesn’t mean that you have to leave. As I said all the bars are still open. Even though all the kiosks are shut down and they close shop in the main stage doesn’t mean the party has to end. All in all it is a very fun experience and the more people we get the brains… I mean better. So now I am going to inundate you with some pictures I took at this years event….

So that is Zombicon. Now, I better see some of your undead asses next year or I’ll eat your brains!!!