1. I’ve been working in hotels for about 10 years now, and have never had a “real job” that wasn’t front desk. (I don’t count babysitting, as I didn’t even do much of it)

2. My Star Trek Wedding was not only my idea, but I’d been half planning it since I was 17, years before I met Cameron.

3. I adore crappy horror movies, my favorites all inclued zombies. I am actually afraid of zombies, which is why I am so adament about being prepared for the imminent attack.

4. I work midnights………and love it.

5. I hate basketball more than words could ever express.

6. I’ve always really, really wanted to punch someone in the face, but I’ve never been in a real fight.

7. My first boyfriend, was a boy I’d known since I was 3 months old, he dumped me on my 13th birthday.

8. I love Las Vegas, to the point where it is about the only place in the states I’d be willing to move to. (but I’d much rather stay in Canada) I’ve been 3 times and got married there.

9. I have really, really vivid dreams, and zombie dreams aren’t always nightmares……I usually kick ass!

10. I like going on random weird vacations, like driving to Branson to see the biggest ball of Twine. I plan on going to Kentucky to eat KFC, and to spend the night in a haunted asylum.

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