Why hello there.

1. I am an art fiend. I love art of any kind, whether it’s painting or sketching or sculpting or anything related to films, or theater or just really, anything. I rarely ever find a piece of artwork that I don’t like, or that I can’t dissect something that I like out of it. My favourite painters are Brian M Viveros (whose subject matter is erotic fetishism) and Thomas Gainsborough (“The Blue Boy” is my favourite painting of his).

2. I love languages and accents. I can speak English, Punjabi and basic French and I taught myself to read and write Japanese and Korean. I go crazy over European accents, like you have no idea.

3. I love the environment and nature. I think that it started when I was younger, but recently it has been becoming a really big interest for me. I think it’s because of William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, not gonna lie.

4. I have a foul mouth. I swear like a sailor.

5. I love English Literature. It’s so amazing, so beautiful. I think that everyone needs to study poetry if they ever want to understand life. People often overlook it, but if you look at it hard enough, all the answers of life are embedded in words.

6. I am starting university in September 2010, and am going to take International Studies and French, with minors in English literature and Environmental Studies. Or something like that. I still have to figure it out.

7. I want to visit Greece so bad. The Greek myths are so amazing, they make me want to live in Greece.

8. I’m hoping to get tattoos in the near future (I don’t have any money right now). One tattoo that I’ve been wanting to have is of Captain Jack Sparrow. I really love him. He’s a role model for me, because he’s really courageous and doesn’t let shit get to him.

9. I am not at all a girly-girl. I don’t know jack about make-up and I dress like a guy. I prefer action movies and thriller novels over Gossip Girl and Twilight. I just can’t understand girls sometimes.

10. I am a vegetarian and have been all my life. I’m not against eating meat or anything. I don’t really care if people eat meat, it’s none of my business. So that’s why I don’t understand those vegetarian activists. I mean, can’t miss what you’ve never had, right? If people want to eat meat, let ’em. The only thing I am against though, is the way that companies lie to the population and treat the animals. That, I don’t like. Because even people who eat meat should be able to eat nice food 🙂