The Boondock Saints: "The Lost Gig" cover

The boys are back! AND THEY'RE ON A BOAT!

“The Lost Gig” is a 10 page vignette written by Troy Duffy and J.B. Love.

The teaser takes place in 1999, in between two pivotal points in the storyline. Anyone who has seen the movie remembers this scene. Rocco and the boys are sitting in the car outside of the strip club. Rocco announces that he knows all there is to know about the baddies in Boston and the three of them can clean house. After Connor announces his strange comfort with that idea, they decide to kick start their kick ass campaign by taking out a cocaine cartel before knocking off Vincenzo.

Without skipping a beat, the legacy continues. In only 48 panels, the boys are back in business! You get a reminder of how badly Rocco delivers a punch line, a taste of Murphy’s smartass sarcasm, and Connor’s energetic (and somewhat disturbing) delight in the act of violence.

The artist, Toby Cypress, captures the essence of the storyline with his dark and gritty illustrations. In 3 panels, he manages to fully capture the confusion and madness customary from a MacManus melee.

“The Lost Gig” is available in print exclusively from the official Boondock Saints Store at and digitally on the ComicStore platform via iTunes here :
This vignette whet my appetite for what is coming. The first installment in the Boondock Saints comic titled “In Nomine Patri: The Secret History of Il Duce” heads to a comic shop near you very soon.

Here’s a glimpse at how crisp the comic looks on an iPad.

iPad Snapshot of "The Lost Gig"

Like I really needed another damn reason to get an iPad... Thanks Troy... *grumble*


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