Sorry it has taken so long for me to recap the events of the evening.

Truth be told… I partied… like it was St. Paddy’s Day in Boston.
Instead of giving you all a blow by blow, I figured I would do a quick review of the performers while sipping on the sweet nectar that is Mac Allan 12 (Thanks Melissa! It’s very nom!).


CB, Troy, Daniel, Rocco, and Norman hit the stage to welcome everyone to the event. They spouted on their immense love for the fans. They then introduced Bob and he stepped on stage to do his set.

Bob Marley

Bob spoke from the heart about important issues, like making sure you’re naked when the pizza guy comes so you don’t have to answer the door, and balls hanging for days. It was a hysterical set and I was lucky enough to get prime seating on the stairs of the stage (Thanks to A Duff!). Even from there I could hear the distant but distinct laughter coming from Jamie and Drea. Bob told a story of how he had partied a little too hard and woke up with his daughter standing over him in the kids’ playroom. She exclaimed “Found him!” Angela laughed hysterically and said “That REALLY HAPPENED!”

Bob’s set ended to a rousing applause and Troy returned to the stage to announce Ty Stone.

Ty Stone & the Truth

Ty started his set with a stirring version of “Danny Boy”. The powerhouse vocals that exit his mouth make my jaw drop and make me wonder why my bra came undone. Singing “Line of Blood” and “Sweet Thang” it was shocking how little his vocals were sweetened in the soundtrack (if they even were). His enthusiasm and comfort on the stage was evident. He had even joked that the band had to sober up for ten minutes before their set.

Taylor Duffy

With the help of Rae Rae from Ty Stone & the Truth, Bill and Pete from the Dirges, and Troy, Taylor rocked this bitch! He carried himself with poise and an inner confidence and talent that would make any seasoned performer jealous. He rocked out Plastic Jesus as he and Troy matched guitar stances. Face melting metal at its finest, folks!

The Dirges!

Yes, I added an exclamation point, because it’s the mother fucking Dirges, yo! Gritty, unapologetic punk! Such a versatile group! How versatile? Lookee at the break down!

Francis DeAngelo rocks lead vocals, guitar, and accordion! He thrashes around the stage like a motherfucker. I dig that.

“Tall” Pete Mathus (and he’s a friggin tall guy!) strums bass and sings in addition to helping out Taylor! First he rocks a set, then he fuckin’ hops on stage and throws that rock at the audience for a second time! How do you not have blisters dude?

Alicia Allen is a quad threat with guitar, mandolin, flute and vocals! Complete bad ass! I love strong, talented, empowered women who can also rock a pleated miniskirt!

If you asked Marc Strommer to hand you a list of what he does, you’d see a laundry list that includes lead guitar, lap steel, Dobro, mandolin, and vocals (not to mention general badassery)

Bill “Stuhlly” Bennenstuhl balances the group with the drums. He, like Pete, helps out a fellow musician (Taylor) and manages to rock harder with each song.

Quite simply, the Dirges kick you in the face with awesome. Disagree? There are a bunch of fans that would be more than happy to tattoo “awesome” on their foot and kick you in the face.

Bob Marley hopped up on stage to join in on the merriment too!

In the middle of the show, Troy hopped on stage to read us an email from Sony that was requested not to be read on stage. Sony informed Troy that BDS2:ASD DVD/Blu Ray debuted at #1 and that it was on track to sell thru the company’s initial shipment of ONE MILLION COPIES in North America in JUST TWO WEEKS! YEA YEA! They explained in the email that DVD sales of a movie that “only took in 11 million in the box office” in this magnitude were “unprecedented”.

The Dirges continued their set and filled the stage for their final song, “The Saints are Coming”. Heh, we were already so gone at that point! I could spot Betties on the stage rocking out. Some guy had even brought a toilet seat cover.

So to sum up… The final show in the BDS Tour rocked my fucking skull. Feel free to be jealous, but I’m not going to apologize for being there. The lineup was amazing; the offloading between sets was quick. This was a well-oiled machine and I was along for the ride.

Many, many, many thanks to everyone involved in this event that, though fuzzy, will remain in my heart as one of my top St. Patty’s Day experiences!