I’m just going to say that this venue was so large that it was difficult to really carry out the conversations that I would have loved to have with each of the people involved. I LOVE big venues, but I get a little irritated when people flock around a person you’re chatting with. That’s why I think I reverted to “event photographer” mode… hehe…. Of course it had nothing to do with the Jamesons.

Instead, I’ll touch upon what I observed and the brief moments I had with some of the cast/crew (some longer than others).

Chris “CB” Brinker – CB was preoccupied with “wrangling'” for the majority of the evening, but was sweet and accommodating when pulled aside for pictures or asked a question. A true cowboy! If there was anyone that was running around the venue more than me, it was this man! He’s diligent and hard working, but still had the time to thank the fans and mingle. He even took a breather to watch some band action!
Let’s play “find CB” in the picture to the left and the picture below!

Troy Duffy – Irish, tattooed, creative, attractive, and chock full of energy. I ADORE this man! I had the chance to speak with him briefly. He was attentive, engaging, and always stopped for pictures or discussions with the fans. He was down to earth and very comfortable in his own skin. I do hope I have the opportunity to meet him again!
Troy even acted as crutches for a little while! The blonde in front of him had busted her leg, he was sweet enough to bend down and sign her cast.

Daniel DeSanto – Jenn (@Brash_Angel) once asked me on Twitter what my favorite scene was in Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day was. I replied “My #faveboondocksaintsscene in the 2nd? When @Daniel_DeSanto is lying next to the priest. It’s humanizing to see an insecure hit man.” I’d heard that if someone can play a wicked bad dude (Oops! Still in Boston mode), they are typically a really great person in reality. Daniel reinforced that comment. To the fucking max. Daniel was full of cheer, energy, and the desire to meet and chill with as many fans as possible. He was gentlemanly and adorable! I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in the future in his career.

David Della Rocco – Oh Rocco! Where art thou? Heh. All I needed to do to find Roc was to look at people in a humongous circle around something and there he was! I only got to speak to him briefly outside while posing for a cigarette. He was concerned with keeping Jamie and I warm, LOL! Sweet guy!

Jamie is on the right. She’s also in the picture above with Daniel DeSanto.

Norman Reedus – I didn’t get to spend much time with Norm (probably for the best. I would have asked a bunch of questions about I Was a White Slave in Harlem) but that was because he was so determined to make every person’s night. He was amiable and was willing to pose any way you wanted for the photo (unless you’re Drea… Then it was middle fingers to fire her up!). He was one of the banes of the various coordinators asking him to go inside. He wanted to stay out and pose with fans/talk with them/sign things. I got to speak with him for a little bit, though he didn’t say much he was very sweet and seemed to get a kick out of Jamie, Lorelei, Feanix and I.

Bob Marley – Bob was rockin’ the house, hopping on stage during the bands and just dancing and singing along. I caught him in the crowd during the Dirges and we rocked out for a little bit and I managed to snag one of my favorite pics of the evening. I finally ran into him and told him I was going to see him that Saturday in Chicopee, MA. He gave me a big hug, posed for a pic, and then I didn’t chat with him again until a little after midnight on Saturday (so, Sunday, March 21, 2010) and he was nice enough to give a little synopsis of the Betties breaking Boston.

Bob Wants You! … To rock out to the Dirges!

It was a great evening and I figured since I did a post about the performers, I should probably appease those reading by letting ya’ll in on the men we lovingly refer to as “our boys”.

But wait! There’s more! A LADY! (Yes, I said that in my head like the Ladies Man. Simmer down.)

One of the highlights of my evening was meeting Angela Green-Duffy. This woman is sugar and spice with a dash of gunpowder. Not only is she BOOM! fantastic, she is also very Va Va Va Voom. She was rocking these boots with a dangerous stiletto heel that would have probably crippled me.
She was genuinely pleased to meet all of us, and even toasted the evening with Jamie and I before the bands set foot on the stage. Stellar fuckin’ lady. She has this incredibly intricate tattoo sleeve that I didn’t get to see all off, but I dug what I could see.

One day Angela, you and I shall get tattoos together.

Thank you so much for egging us Betties on! You’re the sexy sprite on our shoulders encouraging us to continue with our creative endeavors.